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Hiring academics

Hiring anyone is always a risk, and hiring a new academic especially so given the nature of our contracts. So what’s the best way to approach it?


Why I research

I came across George Orwell’s 1946 essay Why I write. Some of his reasons for writing resonate with some of my reasons for doing research.


Where do all the comments go?

I don’t get many comments on this blog: fortunately I do it for the opportunity to write amid the torrent of administrivia rather than for the affirmation. But I do get more than’s readily apparent, which tells us something about social media and opens up an opportunity.


Who invented meringue?

What the invention of complicated foods tells us about discovery, innovation, and university research funding.


Sensor and sense-ability

I’m talking at the BCS Edinburgh branch tonight about sensing and sensor-driven systems.


Book: Tumbledown — the old houses of Co Sligo

The west of Ireland is full of old, decrepit buildings that seem to have been left behind by the Celtic Tiger years — and just crying out to be photographed.