German Secret Weapons of the Second World War: The Missiles, Rockets, Weapons and New Technology of the Third Reich

Ian V. Hogg


A somewhat-more-technical-than-expected look at Nazi secret weapons programmes. Having said that, it does give some surprising insights into topics that most people (and definitely me) won't have thought of before, like different designs for fuses. I suspect most people will find the chapter on the V-weapons the most interesting, but for me it was run to a close second my the chapter on artillery, which ranges from rail guns for attacking fixed fortification, through long-range bombardment cannons, to taper-bore light anti-tank weapons. Not exactly light reading, but informative about topics most histories treat as unimportant.

Finished on Sat, 09 May 2015 07:46:37 -0700.   Rating 3/5.