It Gets Me Home, This Curving Track: Objects & Essays 2012-2018

Ian Penman


Reports from music criticism. While it presents itself as a book of essays, it's actually an anthology of the author's book reviews over the past decades. That's not a criticism, although until you realise what's happening it's confusing to see repeated mentions of a particular book.

The essays/reviews range over big names like Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Charlie Parker, and Steely Dan, and the lesser-known like John Fahey and entire scenes like the Mods. One name that's missing, but that strangely haunts the book by her absence, is Billie Holiday: I think it's all the jazz references, but you can feel that she should be here in her own right – and then I read the introduction (having read the book), and read the author's explanation of why he didn't feel he could do her justice. Hopefully he'll write another book just for her.

Finished on Fri, 09 Apr 2021 00:00:00 -0700.   Rating 4/5.