The Munros in Winter

Martin Moran


This book tells part of the amazing story of an amazing man, who came back from serious injury to first climb all the Scottish Munros in a single winter season. It's a stunning accomplishment by any measure, and set Moran up for a future as a mountaineering guide before his tragic death.

I'm sorry that it's not a better book. The prose is quite wooden, lacking all the flourish and power that one finds in, for example, Savage Arena. As just one example amongst many:

"Only with sadness did we leave the lovely Etive, thinking with regret of those roads and glens of Argyll that our journey would not traverse again."

It's a shame that the writing doesn't live up either to the country being described or the challenge being successfully attempted.

Finished on Wed, 23 Feb 2022 00:00:00 -0800.   Rating 2/5.