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Past group


Graduated PhD students

  • Dr Chris Schneider: Using unsupervised machine learning for fault identification in virtual machines
  • Dr Lei Fang: statistical methods for managing errors in sensor networks
  • Dr Graeme Stevenson: pro­gram­ming with ontologically-structured data
  • Dr Saray Shai: coupled adaptive complex networks
  • Dr Graham Williamson: Epidemic data dissemination in wireless sensor networks
  • Dr Hui Zhang: coverage problems in dense homological and sparse mobile sensor networks
  • Dr Susan McKeever: situation recognition using Dempster-Shafer evidence theory
  • Dr Emerson Loureiro: dynamic autonomic management of CPU shares
  • Dr Michael Collins: secure wireless sensor network architectures
  • Dr Stephen Knox: situation recognition via case-based reasoning
  • Dr Adrian K. Clear: interactive definition and visualisation of situations
  • Dr Juan Ye: Semantics of pervasive computing systems
  • Dr M.A. Razzaque: cross-layer autonomic communications architectures
  • Dr Tim Walsh: lightweight mobile agents
  • Dr Sotirios Terzis: pervasive trader architectures

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