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Call for papers: D3Science

Papers are solicited for a workshop on data-intensive, distributed and dynamic e-science problems.


Computer science and the financial crisis

Many people expected a financial crisis; many also expected it to be caused by automated trading strategies driving share prices, As it turned out, that aspect of computing in finance didn’t behave as badly as expected, and the problems arose in the relatively computing-free mortgage sector. Is there any way computing could have helped, or could help avoid future crises? (more…)

The computer is the new microscope

What contributions can computer scientists uniquely make to the latest scientific challenges? The answer may require us to step back and look at how instruments affect science, because the computer is the key instrument for the scientific future.


Both ends of the data-intensive spectrum

Data-intensive science (or “web science” as it is sometimes known) has received a major boost from the efforts of Googlle and others, with the availability of enormous data sets against which we can learn. It’s easy to see that such large-scale data affects experimental science, but there are lessons further down the scale too.