Paper on clustered percolation accepted

Our paper “Percolation on random graphs with higher-order clustering” was accepted into Physical Review E.

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A talk on “Exploring epidemic spreading using network models”

I gave a talk by Zoom to the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications arising from my epidemic modelling book.

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Co-infection dynamics paper submitted

What happens when two diseases spread through a population?

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The Shanghai Free Taxi: Journeys with the Hustlers and Rebels of the New China

Frank Langfitt (2019)

The taxi, while an essential part of the plot, doesn’t perhaps feature quite as much as one might expect in this exploration of China and the Chinese as they start to drive the 21st century. It’s a view from part way inside: not a Chinese view per se, but from a Western journalist with deep knowledge and strong sympathies for China, who manages to get a variety of people from the city and countryside to comment reasonably candidly about their experiences. It strikes me as a balanced and important contribution to understanding the nature of the emerging “Chinese century” (as it may, but will not necessarily, become), both its strengths and weaknesses.

3/5. Finished Thursday 17 December, 2020.

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Backporting Python type annotations

I recently added type annotations to my epyc and epydemic libraries. Making these work while not sacrificing interoperability a wide range of Python versions is quite delicate.

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