As part of the Science of Sensor Systems Software programme we have a 3-year postdoc post available. The S4 programme aims to develop a unifying science, across the breadth of mathematics, computer science and engineering, that will let developers engineer for the uncertainty and ensure that their systems and the information they provide is resilient, responsive, reliable, statistically sound and robust. The vision is smarter sensor based systems in which scientists and policy makers can ask deeper questions and be confident in obtaining reliable answers, so the programme will deliver new principles and techniques for the development and deployment of verifiable, reliable, autonomous sensor systems that operate in uncertain, multiple and multi-scale environments. S4 is funded by EPSRC as a five-year, £5.2M Programme Grant. It brings together four of the UK’s leading research teams in sensor systems, their design, analysis, deployment, and evaluation. Led overall by Prof Muffy Calder at the University of Glasgow, the other academic collaborators are the University of St Andrews (Prof Simon Dobson), the University of Liverpool (Prof Michael Fisher), and Imperial College (Prof Julie McCann). S4 also includes a portfolio of industrial partners ranging from start-up SMEs to multinational companies and State agencies. St Andrews leads the work on adaptive systems engineering, especially on how systems need to change as time progresses, the system components fail, and goals change. We are looking for someone to join us to work on how to program adaptive sensor systems. A strong track record in sensor systems, programming languages, data analytics, or another related area is essential, as is an ability to work within a larger team using formal methods, advanced statistics, and novel programming languages and approaches You can find full application details here.