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Re-starting "Complex networks, complex processes"

Today I re-started work on my other book.

Several years ago I started writing a book, Complex networks, complex processes, mainly as a way to guide my own study of the new field I was starting to get into. It kind of fell by the wayside, mainly because I was too busy but also because I couldn't get the tools to work to my satisfaction. I wanted to be able to publish on the web and in print, and to have the code executable by readers. I tried to make it work myself and then lost motivation.

Last year, however, I discovered that the technology had moved on, and I used it to write "Epidemic modelling -- Some notes, maths, and code". This has given me the impetus, so I've restarted my earlier work -- well, actually, I've started largely again from scratch so that I build-in what I've learned in the succeeding years.

Links can be found here.

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