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Generating functions for epydemic

The next version of epydemic has just been released. It now includes a generating functions library.

Generating functions are commonly found in network science. They represent entire probability distributions as a single object that can be manipulated. Implementing generating functions in a computer is a slightly tricky process, however, not least because some of the operations need both complex numbers and high-precision arithmetic.

To make them simpler to use, we've added a small generating functions library to epydemic. You can then compare simulation results directly with theoretical calculations, all within the same piece of code. It encapsulates the tricky code needed to handle the generating functions of large networks, has the generating functions for the common degree distributions built-in, and can build the generating function of an empirical network. There's also a discussion of some of the implementation issues that had to be solved.

The generating functions library is in version 1.7.1 of the library, which can be found at its distribution page.

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