Sunday 31 December, 2023 They Called It Passchendaele
Saturday 30 December, 2023 High-degree numerical differentiation
Sunday 24 December, 2023 Around the World in Eighty Games: From Tarot to Tic-Tac-Toe, Catan to Chutes and Ladders, a Mathematician Unlocks the Secrets of the World’s Greatest Games
Saturday 23 December, 2023 Programmatically editing a file from Emacs Lisp
Tuesday 19 December, 2023 Estates: An Intimate History
Saturday 9 December, 2023 Technofeudalism: What Killed Capitalism
Sunday 3 December, 2023 The Man Who Solved the Market: How Jim Simons Launched the Quant Revolution
Wednesday 29 November, 2023 The Invisible Library (The Invisible Library, #1)
Sunday 19 November, 2023 Going Infinite: The Rise and Fall of a New Tycoon
Monday 13 November, 2023 Number Go Up: Inside Crypto’s Wild Rise and Staggering Fall
Saturday 4 November, 2023 Papyrus: The Invention of Books in the Ancient World
Wednesday 1 November, 2023 The Computers That Made Britain
Friday 20 October, 2023 The Power of Geography: Ten Maps That Reveal the Future of Our World
Tuesday 12 September, 2023 Thinking In Systems: A Primer
Friday 1 September, 2023 Hidden Hands: The Lives of Manuscripts and Their Makers
Thursday 31 August, 2023 Entangled Life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds & Shape Our Futures
Tuesday 1 August, 2023 The Weapon Shops of Isher
Saturday 29 July, 2023 Between Two Fires: Truth, Ambition, and Compromise in Putin’s Russia
Sunday 25 June, 2023 Chip War: The Fight for the World’s Most Critical Technology
Saturday 24 June, 2023 The Rare Metals War: the dark side of clean energy and digital technologies
Monday 19 June, 2023 The Lost Café Schindler: One Family, Two Wars, and the Search for Truth
Friday 9 June, 2023 Now the Chips Are Down: The BBC Micro (Platform Studies)
Saturday 3 June, 2023 Agency (Jackpot, #2)
Saturday 3 June, 2023 Eyes of the Void (The Final Architecture, #2)
Friday 2 June, 2023 Butler to the World: How Britain Helps the World’s Worst People Launder Money, Commit Crimes, and Get Away with Anything
Tuesday 30 May, 2023 Day of the Assassins: A History of Political Murder
Tuesday 2 May, 2023 Eight Days in May: The Final Collapse of the Third Reich
Friday 28 April, 2023 The Matter of the Heart: A History of the Heart in Eleven Operations
Thursday 27 April, 2023 The Ruin of All Witches: Life and Death in the New World
Friday 14 April, 2023 The Peripheral (Jackpot #1)
Saturday 1 April, 2023 Islands of Abandonment
Saturday 1 April, 2023 The Plot Against America
Wednesday 1 March, 2023 The Information: A History, a Theory, a Flood
Sunday 26 February, 2023 The Curse of Bigness: How Corporate Giants Came to Rule the World
Sunday 5 February, 2023 More than the Sum of the Parts: Complexity in Physics and Beyond
Sunday 5 February, 2023 The Dawn of Everything
Sunday 15 January, 2023 Plutoshine
Friday 13 January, 2023 A quick function to delete whitespace in Lisp programs
Monday 2 January, 2023 UNIX: A History and a Memoir