epydemic hits 100,000 downloads

Downloads of epydemic, my library for epidemic (and other) process simulation on networks (and hopefully other combinatorial structures soon…) recently passed 100,000.

That number comes from the project’s PePy page, which tracks downloads from the main PyPi page as used by pip. I can’t say whether or not that number is accurate. Quite honestly it’s at least 98,000 more than I ever expected, but 100,000 feels like something of a milestone to be pleased about.

epydemic came about because of a lack of standard tooling for doing epidemic simulation. This involves a lot of stochastic simulation, which is quite tricky code to write and to make efficient. Testing the system actually involved us thinking more deeply about the effectiveness of unit testing for stochastic code, which then led to a presentation at UK Systems in 2021 explaining the problems we’d had.