Jack Shenker

A very timely exploration of the left-behind of British society and how they’re coming to terms (or not) with late-stage capitalism. The actors range across the spectrum, as do the politics the various people embrace.

It’s such a current book, written just before the Conservatives’ crushing win in the 2019 general election, that it’s hard to assess some of the observations. Momentum, the left-wing insurgency within Labour, had a hand in massively improving the party’s showing in 2017, and Shenker clearly outlines their goals and strengths. But even with that, Labour didn’t win – and went on to lose even more severely in 2019. Perhaps it will take time to assess whether Momentum’s integration of party politics and activism can be properly harnessed to win power.

There’s also what feels like a curious, sharp, turn in the last chapter to include more consideration of climate change and climate activism. It’s closely argued and clearly very important, and that makes it surprising that it wasn’t woven more tightly inot the rest of the argument.

4/5. Finished Sunday 10 May, 2020.

(Originally published on Goodreads.)