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First outing of "Epidemic modelling"

My lockdown project is now ready for its first outing.

Epidemic modelling -- some notes, maths, and code is intended as a non-technical introduction to epidemic modelling on networks. It's unusual in being written as a set of executable Jupyter notebooks so that all the code needed to run the experiments presented, and to create the graphs and other elements, are all included up-front.

It's been an interesting way to spend some of my time lockdown. Firstly, it's been exciting to try to explain these ideas accessibly. The need for public understanding of science has never been greater, and it comes as something of a shock to realise how much learning there is to be able to understand some of the arguments -- and in some cases how much suspension of disbelief this sometimes needs. It's also been a good chance to learn some new tooling, especially Jupyter Book that handles the assembly of content in markdown and Jupyter formats into a navigable structure. I just need to figure out to generate proper PDFs and Epub formats now.

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